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Benefits of Sleep Headphones, Which are the Best Sleep Headphones to Use

Updated July 6, 2022.   Many people like to listen to some form of aural sound when they’re looking to drift off to sleep. Be it music, a serene soundscape, or motivating affirmations. So what are the benefits of sleep headphones for this purpose? In this article we’re going to discuss the benefits, starting with a quick list of the benefits of sleep headphones to get you started, then we’ll get into more details...   - Blocks out background noise- Less disturbance for your partner- Your partner will not disturb you- A solution for anxiety and sleeping disorders- Fall asleep quicker, promotes quality sleep- Listening to music eases stress, anxiety, and pain- Comfortable to wear So that’s the quick rundown...

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Innovative Dormi Dream Headphones are a Revolution in Comfort and Style

Updated July 15, 2022 – Any activity is better when listening to music, but no one likes bulky headphones or earbuds that fall out. The founders of Dormi have created the solution to both problems with the company’s Dormi Dream Headphones. The Bluetooth® headphones are unique in that they’re encased in a soft fabric headband that can be worn anytime in complete comfort, even while sleeping. The company’s team spent hundreds of hours perusing the Internet and reading reviews to ascertain the features that individuals liked – and disliked – about similar products. Armed with the information, the company set out to create a more comfortable and versatile headphone that requires a shorter charging time and longer battery life, up to two...

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Why Moms are Loving these new Headband Headphones

As we all know, there is no single product, mantra, or formula to make motherhood easy. But there is one company whose products are making a tremendous impact in the lives of moms just like you. Here are the top 4 reasons moms like you are loving Dormi Headphones. 

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