Dormi Dream Headphones Are My New Tool Against Anxiety

by Elizabeth MacAndrew
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I have discussed realizing I had anxiety and seeking therapy for it just before COVID hit the world in several other posts. During my journey of discovering ways to manage my anxiety, I discovered Dormi Headphones via a targeted Facebook ad and I’m quite glad I did. Dormi did not provide the headphones I am reviewing, but I was excited enough about my experience using these headphones for anxiety management that I wanted to write about them.

Dormi Headphones are headband-style headphones with speakers worked into the band interior that work via Bluetooth v5.0. A headband retails for $49.99 and comes in two styles, the Dormi Original and the Dormi Dream. Both models have the following features:

  • 21-inch headband that comes in a variety of colors (grey, burgundy, pink, and teal) and is machine washable
  • Thin earphones that use Bluetooth v5.0 technology (the Dream version has even thinner earphones than the Original)
  • Connectivity up to 45 feet
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free calls
  • 10-hour battery life, 2-hour charging time

As I looked into the Dormi Headphones, I was intrigued. I was also considering my bedtime routine. Like a lot of people with anxiety, bedtime can be an excuse for anxiety-brain to decide to run you through a playlist of every nerve-wracking concern you might possibly have at the moment. My thought was to use the headphones at that time, along with the Audible account on my iPad, to play an audiobook I can fall asleep to in order to give my brain something else to pay attention to so that it doesn’t latch onto stray insecurities as a bedtime snack. I also wanted something cordless, and I know myself well enough to know that I could never keep track of something like AirPods. I was also impressed with how the story of the company included the fact that they researched other 1 and 2 star reviews of other similar headphones from other companies to help sort out what their headphones needed to be better at doing. The fact that they took this step tells me they already care about what is important to their customers, which is a really good sign. Read more here

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