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Crisp & Clear Sound Quality

Dormi Headband Headphones are consistently praised by customers as having the best sound quality for sleeping, yoga and even long hours of travel. Use our headphones while relaxing, working out, or even commuting, and still hear your tunes clearly.

The sound quality of these headband headphones is crisp and clear with an impressive 10 hour battery life. It can connect to any bluetooth enabled devices. Built-in mic also allows for hands free calling.

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Voted Best Value Headphones for Sleep by Sleep Foundation

Dormi Dream™ sleep headphones are the most comfortable wireless Bluetooth headband headphones for sleeping. This is due to our ultra-thin, fabric-encased speakers being secured in a soft headband. Now, you can comfortably relax and sleep listening to whatever suits you. Dormi's ultra-elastic and machine washable headband is soft and comfortable and won't slip off during the night. These sleep Bluetooth headband headphones are great for listening to music, podcasts, ASMR, meditations, and more. See the article here.

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Dormi Headband headphones Reviews

Based on 516 reviews

I am in love with my new Dormi headband!! They’re so much more than a sleep enhancer. I have used them for walks with my dog and yoga flows too! The Bluetooth connection makes them also work for answering phone calls or watching videos on your phone. Really love them and would totally recommend!! Btw… The speakers are super flat and seem to even be good for side sleepers. Another plus.

Affordable sleep speaker solution, questionable quality

I’ve had several pairs of the dream headphones. They are pretty comfortable for side sleepers, much more so than cheaper sets sold on Amazon. Price is reasonable for the features and comfort. Only criticism is the build quality of the speaker set. I’ve had three sets break down on me during and shortly after the warranty expired. Charging stopped working or one side went out. Otherwise pleased with the unit but have to keep reinvesting when they fail, which seems to happen consistently.

I love these headphones! They are so comfortable for sleeping. I used to sleep with over the ear headphones but they were so uncomfortable. Then I switched to earbuds but they were also uncomfortable and kinda gross tbh. But these are awesome! Perfect for sleeping. The battery lasts a few nights and they are easy to use and soooo comfortable. I wish they were noise canceling but otherwise no complaints. I would recommend them to anyone!

Great to use when sleeping, traveling, and cleaning; however, there are some issues. They will disconnect multiple times when I try to use them for voice & video chats, mainly on Discord, and I have had them disconnect on me randomly as well. Also, I'm not too fond of the volume buttons long pressing them, and the pause in between each press makes it tedious to use with my iPhone (13 pro). I would recommend them anyway because these are the most stylish headband headphones I have seen, and the audio works well for standard use, not for audiophiles by any means. I bought these for sleep on days when I need ASMR to fall asleep or set an alarm and do not want to disturb anybody, and the battery life is amazing! It truly does last 10hrs. I also love that you can move the speakers throughout the band just in case you want to hide the control panel to make it look like any old headband. Overall good product, and I am open to repurchasing and trying the sports band model.

I love my Dormis so much. That's right Dormis, plural. I have one for meditation. One for running. And one for sleeping. I use my meditation one every morning to meditate. And then I use my running one to go on runs with my favorite running playlist. The sleep one I use for relaxing at night in bed or for blocking out noise when I travel. I have also bought so many over the years to give to friends and relatives. They make perfect gifts. People love them. I love the Dormi life! My husband jokes that I am kind of a Dormi junkie and that I must be creating some sort of cult. I am here for it!

I love my Dormis so much. That's right Dormis, plural. I have one for meditation. One for running. And one for sleeping. I use my meditation one every morning to meditate. And then I use my running one to go on runs with my favorite running playlist. The sleep one I use for relaxing at night in bed or for blocking out noise when I travel. I have also bought so many over the years to give to friends and relatives. They make perfect gifts. People love them. I love the Dormi life! My husband jokes that I am kind of a Dormi junkie and that I must be creating some sort of cult. I am here for it!

We tested these headphones while doing a photoshoot and traveling around Europe. We wore them while commuting and traveling and the headphones were very comfortable and soft. Definitely recommend!

I love the Dormi Dream headphones! I don't feel comfortable sharing a selfie so I stuck them on a giant plushie. I bought a grey pair in January 2021 and loved them. When the new colours were released, I had to snag a blue pair (which I did in December 2021). Both still work and are exactly what I needed! I use them every night to listen to audiobooks while I fall asleep. Even better: now I don't have to listen to people snoring while camping! Also, I have a big head and the headband still fits :) The new version is a bit more snug than the old version, but it still fits comfortably.

The old version would have a blue light that flashed the whole time it was on which was super annoying for anyone in the room with me. The new ones don't have that issue and the light turns off once paired. My only complaint would be that some of the stitching around the button box is coming undone but that is probably normal wear and tear.

I will admit that I tried another brand of sleep headphones to see if they were as good or better. The competitors sleep headphones didn't even come close to matching the Dormi Dream headphones! I immediately sent the other ones back. I recommend Dormi to any friends looking for comfortable sleep headphones!

Living on the road full time is a tough gig. Dormi takes it to another level where I can enjoy and disconnect while staying in comfort. With Dormi I am able to fall asleep in the middle of a tour bus party no sweat. Game changer for me

As a busy touring musician I’m always looking for ways to relax after our shows. We play 2-3 hour sets and I have to unwind a bit before bed. I’ve been able to use these to relax on planes, in hotels, and on our tour bus. Overall I really like the sound quality and the versatility to use them whenever I want.

I use these to relax before bed and while bumming around the house. I have a 13 week old puppy and she used to chew on my headphone cords or knock my earbuds out of my ear during the day. But she can’t get to my Dormis 😂💕 very comfortable and, best of all, puppy-proof!

I love these headphones! They are very comfortable even when you wear them for a long time, unlike other earphones that would hurt your ears when used for too long. I use them a lot when going outside to walk my dogs and even when I just want to relax at home. The sound quality is also superb!

People ask me all the time where I get my headband from, and without hesitation I say Dormi! I wear these while I'm sleeping, and they don't bother me at all. They're so soft and lightweight. I can even wear them outside to do yard work or walk the dogs. You can also listen to affirmations with these, which is nice if you're someone who likes to meditate or just relax before bedtime. The battery life lasts for 10 hours on one charge, and the earbuds are easy to turn on and off by touching the right one when they're in.

Ever since my fiance started snoring I've had a hard time falling asleep. I hate wearing ear plugs so I was looking for an alternative when I stumbled on Dormi. Now the head set isn't noise canceling so I can still hear some snoring but being able to listen to music or a podcast while I fall asleep is plenty enough distraction. Now I fall asleep even quicker than I did previously. I'm recommending Dormi to all my friends and family.

Got this as a gift from my sister and I love it! Perfect for my workouts in cold weather. Of course not ideal for warmer runs but when I need to go on a long walk or run or my HIIT workout (esp in the morning when it’s cold) it’s great!

I love love love these headphones. I usually get headaches from using headphones for extended periods but not with Dormi!

The sync is easy (but best to do it before you put them on as it doesn't have an audio cue when they're connected). The sound quality is great and it cuts through background noise well. I've worn mine grocery shopping ana been able to stay aware of my environment even while catching up on podcasts. They're comfortable enough to sleep in and the sound is so well directed I'm able to nurse my son to sleep and listen to music without disturbing him! A total plus.

I especially like that the head band is sleek enough that I can wear it under a turban styled hair wrap. In fact it's invisible when I do! The flexibility of being able to wear my headphones under a hair wrap, or to go running, or to do chores around the house when everyone else is sleeping has been such a game changer for me. I really can't recommend these headphones enough!

Super comfortable! I've owned a few other sets of sleep headphones in the past, all of which were much more expensive...and none of them can match the comfort, quality, or thoughtfulness that were put into the creation of these sleep headphones! The fabric is breathable and light, so they don't make me sweat or feel warm (an issue I've had with fleece versions of sleep headphones). As a side sleeper, I barely notice these against my ears and they can be worn for a long time without discomfort. The sound quality is really great for such low profile speakers, too! As others have also pointed out, the blinking blue light when they are in use is really piercing and bright. I've covered it with a small patch of electrical tape to block it out (as you can see in my pic) to solve that issue. Other than that, I LOVE THEM!

I just updraded to the Dream headphones after using the originals for about a year. These are the differences I noticed right away:
- Sound quality is significantly better
- More comfortable on the ears
- Thinner and smaller, which I like a lot as far as how it looks. These are more snug on me but not to an uncomfortable degree, the originals were *almost* too big for me. If you have a big head + lots of hair the originals might be a better option; if your head is small you should go for the Dream.
- Controls are now in the front, which I'm honestly not a huge fan of aesthetically but I assume they were moved off the ears for comfort reasons. I'd prefer them in the back but these can't be worn backwards due to the placement of the headphones.
Upon closer inspection the Dreams also seem to be a bit softer but that could just be because my originals are more worn in. Even though I just got these I've already pre-ordered another pair in burgundy! Safe to say I'm hooked. Highly recommend this brand for anyone looking for comfortable headphones!

My husband is really into watching these competitive super smash bro compilations lately. So it starts with these two skinny white dudes playing the video game, then a lot of noise and flashing lights, then one if the white dudes freaking out and screaming. Generally a lot of swearing, throwing things, and general aggression.

Anyway I want to thank my dormi wireless headphones for keeping my marriage together.

Okay. I've been thinking about ordering these for a long time because i work evenings and love in a neighborhood and i needed something to to keep the sound of the neighbors from walking me up. That being said this is an initial review, on the first day, wearing them for what actually MADE me buy them.
Long story short I bike to work, bought a helmet, hate earbuds and realized in a fever dream i couldn't listen to music on my bike. As a commuter this was a travesty.
Dormi headphones are comfortable for my average head, fit comfortably under my helmet (which also is preventing the bike helmets notorious red forehead dot) and have quality sound allowing me to hear the music through sounds of traffic.
Tonight i will try sleeping with them and I'll expand my review at that time but for i couldn't be more satisfied.

I love these headphones! They fit me nice and snugly and are actually way more comfortable than I expected. The earpieces are thinner than the original ones so they lie flat against my ears instead of sticking out. Also I like the fit of this band better. Really glad i got these!

I seriously love these! I bought them in black and heather grey so I can always have a pair to use when the other is in the wash. The thin speakers are super comfortable for sleeping in, my only critique is the two headbands are different sizes! The black one fits a little tighter than the grey, but its also more elastic so I guess it evens out.

I am a long time headband headphone wearer. I have owned multiple pairs of wired and wireless Acoustic Sheep SleepPhones and Cozy Phones, too. I am also a music nerd so I am almost always listening to something and expect good sound quality. I was excited to try these.

They came nicely packaged and charged quickly out of the box! The headband is comfortable, breathable, and
stays put which is also great!

I have to give 4 stars and echo the other review that mentioned the controls. I do love that the controls are a small ish square inch of plastic with simple user friendly buttons. Another nice add is the button hole where you can access the charging port without taking the controls out. But that square of plastic is designed to sit on your forehead. That immediately took away from the comfort.

However, I found a simple work around. I turned the headband around so the controls are now on the back of my head! NOW they are the most comfortable headband headphones to date! But then there was a secondary problem. The left speaker was now to the right and the right speaker to the left. Remember the part where I listen to lots of music? Yeah. Couldn't leave that alone. If that's a non-issue to you then you can let it be.
This is where I learned these designers were very thoughtful and it is appreciated. The right speaker is on a significantly shorter wire and the headband is stitched in a way that it's easy to feed the wires in and have everything sit where it should tp stay put. For me this also meant I had to creatively work around to get the right speaker to my right ear and left to left with the controls to the back and not the front.

Finally sound is great! Still lets in ambient background noise (a must with a toddler in the house) but nice clear full range sound!

For a newer product I'm sure still taking feedback they're off to a great start! I'll be curious to see how they hold up long term as that's where others have let me down.

All this said very good impressions to start between shopping, shipping, unboxing and first impressions! Keep it up!

i love using my dormi while at the farm or around the house. it is a little big but does the job well for one size fits all. i’m glad to see the new black dormi is smaller. a future improvement would be to offer a water proof case for outdoor use. i work rain or shine so i’ve wrapped my dormi in a plastic bag when it rains hard.

I was looking for a new sleep headband after my old, cheap one died and I’m so glad i saw the ad and decided to splurge. This headband feels quality and the battery lasted through the night easily. It was easy to pair as well. I definitely highly recommend!

Built-in-mic for handsfree calling

Wireless Connectivity up to 45 (14m)

Impressive 10-hour battery life

Connect to any bluetooth enabled device

Crisp & Clear Sound quality