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Crisp & Clear Sound Quality

Dormi Headband Headphones are consistently praised by customers as having the best sound quality for sleeping, yoga and even long hours of travel. Use our headphones while relaxing, working out, or even commuting, and still hear your tunes clearly.

The sound quality of these headband headphones is crisp and clear with an impressive 10 hour battery life. It can connect to any bluetooth enabled devices. Built-in mic also allows for hands free calling.

Dormi Sleep Headphones

Dormi Headphones

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Voted Best Value Headphones for Sleep by Sleep Foundation

Dormi Dream™ sleep headphones are the most comfortable wireless Bluetooth headband headphones for sleeping. This is due to our ultra-thin, fabric-encased speakers being secured in a soft headband. Now, you can comfortably relax and sleep listening to whatever suits you. Dormi's ultra-elastic and machine washable headband is soft and comfortable and won't slip off during the night. These sleep Bluetooth headband headphones are great for listening to music, podcasts, ASMR, meditations, and more. See the article here.

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Can Dormi Headband headphones be used for exercise?

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Built-in-mic for handsfree calling

Wireless Connectivity up to 45 (14m)

Impressive 10-hour battery life

Connect to any bluetooth enabled device

Crisp & Clear Sound quality