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How to Run With Headphone Cords, Wireless Headphones for Running

Updated July 10, 2022

With over 50 million Americans, a whopping 15 percent of the U.S. population running regularly, it’s not surprising there’s lots of advice about clothing, accessories, and how to get the best out of your exercise program.

How to run with headphone cords is a question that many people are asking to help focus their energies on beating personal bests and simply being comfortable whilst running. And removing pain points and barriers that take focus away from your training is always a good idea. 

So in our helpful article, we will discover the definitive details to make sure you and your headphones are in harmony on your daily run!

The best way to run with headphone cords is to make sure it’s kept secure or contained wherever possible. Hanging cords can cause accidents and for safety, comfort, and for improving personal best, push cords through clothes, or wear Bluetooth earphones or headbands to remove the need for cords.

The problem for many is that you have your favorite headphones, they sound great, and they cost a fair price. So you’re loath to part with them. But is it really worth the hassle of running with all those cords?

So that’s the quick answer and a look at what the issues might be that you’re facing. So we’ll start first with why you need to make sure you have your headphones cords under control when hitting the track or local park.

Why do I need to keep my headphone cords in check when running?

For anyone who is hot, sweaty, and pushing their own endurance on a track of events, a quick run through the park after work, there are a few answers to this question, and some of this goes hand in hand with using headphones when sleeping without breaking them!


Top of the list here is going to be a question of safety.

Having cords hanging around parts of your face and body such as your neck is an accident waiting to happen! It doesn’t take us to tell you that getting a cord wrapped around your neck is not the best way to start your morning run!

For anyone wondering how to run with headphones cords, safety is a number one priority!

“Having cords hanging around parts of your face and body such as

your neck is an accident waiting to happen!”


According to experts, the global market for running clothes and accessories is likely to reach a value of US$ 58.3 Billion by 2026. So it’s not surprising most running wear is geared around comfort.

So spending a good portion of cash on lightweight, uber comfortable running gear will be an expensive waste of time if your earphone cables are getting in your way!

A comfortable run without wondering if your headphone cord is going to get stuck in your clothing is pretty important, we think!

Improve your speed 

Beating your park run personal best is one of the challenges and motivational reasons for why you run.

Trying to improve your speed is pretty much top of the list of most athletes from those who enjoy a morning run right through to professionals.

The chances of increasing your endurance and shaving off precious seconds on your best-performing run are never going to happen with a dangling cord!

Ok, so what can you do to minimize the annoying headphone cord situation?

There must be a definitive way to make sure you aren’t fighting off a potential trap hazard when you are working on your fitness program! 

Secure headphone cords for running

So we all know that listening to music or a motivational coach through headphones when running can really help our performance.

But so you can make sure you are comfortable, safe, and running to your best ability, make sure headphone cords are tucked well out of the way.

There are a few ways of securing them. You can either pop them through the front of your clothing or down your back so they are secured by your track vest, hoody, or whatever other tops you prefer to wear when running.

There is of course a downside to this which is the fact you have a sweaty, cord rubbing against your body which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

“pop them through the front of your clothing or down

your back so they are secured by your track vest,”

Use headphone clips for running 

Ok, so this sounds too good to be true right? But you can buy little clips pretty similar to how a Microphone clip works. By applying pressure to one end of the clip, it opens up the other end.

Once you’ve opened the clip you simply pop your headphone cord in and then clip it to your clothing.

The downside of these is that you will probably need a zip-up or button-up vest or hoody.

This is because the clip needs something to attach to in order to stay up.

Usually, most running clothes are super aerodynamic and depend on whether you are a ‘quick jog around the park ‘ kind of runner or a more intense trainer as to whether this option will suit you.

Wifi headphones for running

So this might seem like the perfect answer! Just use headphones without cords. Well, yes it’s certainly an option for those who might be looking to understand more about how to run with headphone cords. 

Simply, not having headphone cords could be the way forward! This way you don’t have to buy headphone clips, or have a bacteria-filled sweaty cord rubbing on your body!

However one of the biggest downsides of wifi headphones is the fact they can slip out of your ears, even with very little disturbance.

So if we couple this with the constant movement of jogging, although they eliminate the cord issue, they can be tricky to actually keep in your ear.

“Simply, not having the headphone

 cords could be the way forward!”

Wireless headband headphones for running

One obvious solution is that of headbands, these are becoming very popular these days because there are a couple of varieties that cater to different uses.

One is the sport version, which is what you will need for running and is also great for general daily use.

The other is the fabulous dream version, great for sleeping in.

The dream version is the one you will need so you can listen while lying down or just to wear for comfortable listening throughout the day –  without breaking your current headphones.

Headbands with built-in Bluetooth headphones may just be the exact thing you are looking for!

This nifty headphone accessory could be the difference between getting headphones caught in your clothes, or even worse wrapped around your body causing an accident!

The best headband headphones have a snug band that won’t ride up or down while you are running and come in a range of colors to match your brand new Nike running gear!

The best headband headphones you can buy, have a wealth of benefits including:

  • Built-in-mic for handsfree calling
  • Wireless Connectivity up to 45 (14m)
  • Impressive 10-hour battery life
  • Connect to any Bluetooth enabled device
  • Crisp & Clear Sound quality

Without pesky cords getting in the way, a headband headphone might just be the best way to completely erase the problem of how to run with headphone cords!

Here’s more helpful information on how to use sleep headphones. And here are the numerous benefits of sleep headphones.

And finally…

So there you have it! Everything you needed to know about how to remove headphone cord issues!

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