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How to Run With Headphone Cords, Wireless Headphones for Running

With over 50 million Americans, a whopping 15 percent of the U.S. population running regularly, it’s not surprising there’s lots of advice about clothing, accessories, and how to get the best out of your exercise program.   How to run with headphone cords is a question that many people are asking to help focus their energies on beating personal bests and simply being comfortable whilst running. And removing pain points and barriers that take focus away from your training is always a good idea.   So in our helpful article, we will discover the definitive details to make sure you and your headphones are in harmony on your daily run!   The best way to run with headphone cords is...

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Can Headphones Help With Anxiety: How and When They Can Help

Headphones can help fight anxiety by blocking out white noise and traffic noise, enhancing anxiety relief during all types of exercise routines and meditation. Sleep headphones can promote a more relaxed and healthy sleep pattern. Immersing in sounds helps reduce the impact of hectic surroundings.   According to the above report in the Wall Street Journal, since March 2020, the anxiety medication Klonopin and Ativan rose from 9.7 million in March 2019 to 8.8 million by March 2020.   So it’s not surprising that many of us are looking to find ways to relax and reduce stress

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How to Use Sleep Headphones: Types, Use, Connectivity, Advice

If you’re wondering how to use sleep headphones or considering buying some and looking to understand more beforehand, then here’s the article for you. We’ll outline how different headphones work, compared to sleep headphones, and more information.   So let’s compare sleep headphones first. Because it depends on the type of headphones you are using for sleeping with; wired, wireless, earbuds, or sleep headbands. Let’s start with a quick summary.   Using sleep headphones is similar to using standard headphones. Sleep headbands come with simple use and maintenance instructions. Main features include built-in-mic for hands-free calling, wireless connectivity, 10-hour battery life, and Bluetooth-enabled connection.   That’s the quick go-to answer, but there are other factors to consider. So let’s now...

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How to Sleep With Headphones Without Breaking Them: A Guide

It can easily happen... sometimes we just drift off to sleep with our headphones still on our heads. And that’s fine until we awake to find our headphones bent out of shape or broken. So how do you sleep with headphones without breaking them?   Well, we’re going to get into that here, so below are the methods you can use to sleep without breaking your headphones. Plus we’ll offer a much more appropriate solution too.   Use headphones that fit correctly Try different sleep positions Get the right pillow Switch to wireless headphones Use specially made sleep headphones That’s the simple list, but we probably should expand further, as these methods pose several challenges in terms of safety, health,...

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Benefits of Sleep Headphones, Which are the Best Sleep Headphones to Use

  Many people like to listen to some form of aural sound when they’re looking to drift off to sleep. Be it music, a serene soundscape, or motivating affirmations. So what are the benefits of sleep headphones for this purpose? In this article we’re going to discuss the benefits, starting with a quick list of the benefits of sleep headphones to get you started, then we’ll get into more details...   Blocks out background noise Less disturbance for your partner Your partner will not disturb you A solution for anxiety and sleeping disorders Fall asleep quicker, promotes quality sleep Listening to music eases stress, anxiety, and pain Comfortable to wear   So that’s the quick rundown on the benefits. If...

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