Tinnitus Corner

Dormi Headphones & AudioCardio Partnership

Some studies show that more than 740 million people worldwide experience tinnitus, and more than 120 million people have a severe form of tinnitus.
For those who are looking for ways to protect or even improve their tinnitus and overall hearing, enter AudioCardio. It's a once a day, one-hour evidence-based sound therapy session (think of it like physical therapy for your ears) designed to maintain and improve your hearing
AudioCardio hearing loss and tinnitus testimonial - customer 74 years old says they are hearing sounds they haven't heard in years, hearing loss improvedAudioCardio tinnitus sufferer noticeable improvement hearing loss ringing in ears decreased

How does it work?

It works by stimulating the cells inside your ears. It's like exercise or physical therapy for your hearing. The best part is the sound therapy is inaudible and runs completely passively in the background while you do other things (listening to music, podcasts, falling asleep, etc.)

What's the science?

Participants reported a decrease in severity and/or intensity of tinnitus symptoms since using AudioCardio according to a third party survey conducted by Sound Speech and Hearing Clinic in San Francisco, Ca.

Ready to get started?

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