Adjustable Dormi Dream headphones now available!

Innovative Dormi Dream Headphones are a Revolution in Comfort and Style

Updated July 15, 2022 – Any activity is better when listening to music, but no one likes bulky headphones or earbuds that fall out. The founders of Dormi have created the solution to both problems with the company’s Dormi Dream Headphones. The Bluetooth® headphones are unique in that they’re encased in a soft fabric headband that can be worn anytime in complete comfort, even while sleeping.

The company’s team spent hundreds of hours perusing the Internet and reading reviews to ascertain the features that individuals liked – and disliked – about similar products. Armed with the information, the company set out to create a more comfortable and versatile headphone that requires a shorter charging time and longer battery life, up to two hours longer than competitors. The result is the Dormi Dream Headphones.

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