Adjustable Dormi Dream headphones now available! Pre-orders ship 6/17.

Dormi Original Replacement Speakers
Dormi Original Replacement Speakers

Dormi Original Replacement Speakers

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Now offering replacement speakers for your Dormi Headphones - Original™ headband! 

Important features:
Why purchase Dormi Headphones speakers separately?
- Carry extra speakers with you in case your other pair loses charge.
- Save money - rather than buying a brand new set of headphones, buy the speakers separately. 

What's included:

- 1 pair of Dormi Original replacement speakers (including control panel)

What's NOT included:

- USB charging cable
- Replacement headband

Note: Dormi Original speakers are NOT interchangeable with the Dormi Drean headband. Likewise, Dormi Dream speakers are NOT interchangeable with the Dormi Original headband. The size of the speakers and placement of the control panel is different on both headphones, so please make sure to only purchase Dormi Original speakers if already in possession of the Dormi Original headband! 

Customer Reviews

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Arianna G.

I'm glad they finally have replacement speakers available for purchase. My Original headband lasted about 6 months but I think eventually the speakers got water damaged (oops) but I didn't want to pay for a totally new set. Thanks Dormi!

Built-in-mic for handsfree calling

Wireless Connectivity up to 45 (14m)

Impressive 10-hour battery life

Connect to any bluetooth enabled device

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